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Active Document Keeper 1.21

Active Document Keeper is a complete solution for storing and...

Active Document Keeper is a complete solution for storing and managing your home and office electronic documents. The Internal storage system allows you to store multiple documents in one database.

The ADK's storage engine uses a fast compression algorithm that helps you to save disk space. All documents are organized in folders. This structure looks like files on your hard disk.

The ADK enables you to create your own hierarchical trees for more useful representation of documents. But unlike from a disk file system you can create references from several folders to one document, what gives you a possibility to create a flexible documents organization structure.

The integration in the Windows Explorer simplifies document loading in the ADK's database. It offers you an intuitive Explorer-like interface.

You can add text notes to individual documents to simplify searching in the database. A powerful ADK search mechanism helps you to locate any document quickly and easily.

All documents have a convenient preview. You can print any document directly from the ADK without launching external applications. By using the QuickDocuments function you get the ability to create documents by one mouse click.

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Active Document Keeper


Active Document Keeper 1.21

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